Simplicity can be so…

I love simplicity! However, it’s really hard to keep it simple. Just a little more of this, and a little more of that and bam…we’ve gone to far.

I tried to keep this one simple. Maybe I should have stopped before the bow. Oh well, here it is. I used some old paper, yes I hoard paper, and made this card with my sister in mind. That’s why there is a bit of a gap on the paper.

I love this stamp of the girl and the wispy hair. I added a few golden jewels to highlight the wisps.

Happy Creating


2018 Resolution – be creative every day!

Ok, I don’t normally make New Years resolutions mostly because I know I won’t keep them. However, being creative everyday could be doable. So I thought I’d start with some of my new toys. I’ve had my eye on the Tim Holtz Bigz ice skate dies for a long time and finally got them. I forget how big these die cuts actually are but they make a great focal point.

I took a few pictures while I was working on the project and thought I’d provide more details on how this took shape. First I wanted to do something in black and white so I chose the TH Tidings paper with Christmas verbiage. I added a few stencils, one with pumice stone ink and the other with grit paste sprinkled with clear rock candy glitter. Inked the sides and backs with scallop boarder and black card.

I cut the ice skates from grundge paper, coated with matte medium and painted with Distress black, white, and silver. This required several coats. I then used waxed black thread and laced the skates. Then I added a good coat of Dristess crazing and let dry. Once dry, I addd a small amount of black distress crayon, wet my finger and spread it over the skate to ensure it got into all the tiny cracks. Then I took a wet wipe and wiped it all off.

Now time to die cut the snowflakes and greens, which I added some rock candy glitter and a pearl embellishment to the snowflakes. I cut the berry stems from silver card and added red stickles for the berries. I topped the greens with a bow and some bells that I coloured red with alcohol ink. I purchased the frame from the Pound Store and distressed it with black distress paint, sanded it a bit to get the silver to show through. Not too bad for 1£.

I didn’t take into account the opening of the frame versus the size of the actual frame so I realised my backing and scallops don’t show. Oh well, I’ll know better next time.

Hope 2018 is a very creative year for you as well.