12 Tags of 2016: November 

Ok, so I’ve been a silent observer for far too long and I’ve decided to give it a go and do the Tim Holtz tag monthly challenge.  I know I’m starting at the end of 2016 but better late than never. The thing really holding me back was having to create a blog to post my work on. It sounded more difficult than it actually was. If I can do it anyone can!  


My very first tag!  Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to edit the layout or the pictures here. I’m sure it’ll improve with time.  


10 thoughts on “12 Tags of 2016: November 

  1. Well, you have been very observant, and congratulations on your win! First time’s a charm, but so deserving! Well done on getting the blog together, too! If you put up a follower button, I’ll be your first follower! Love your style!


  2. Jo Jo…
    Congratulations on your WIN for your FABULOUS tag! Whoo Hoo!!!!!! Your work is AWESOME!!!! So glad you got your blog created to so you could participate! I was in your shoes too at one point…I finally told myself to just try to do it…I am constantly trying to keep up with all this web stuff…I don’t have anyone to hold my hand …LOL!!! So just keep on trying..it is a lot of fun to share our love of crafting!


  3. So glad that you decided to dive in because this mix of pear and green background is to die for! Biggest congrats on your win. Your combination of elements is perfect, so worthy of attention! 🙂


  4. Absolutely love this woman! Jo is so very talented & creative and I am proud to call her family! Some of the best memories I have is when Jo and I can get together and “play” as we call it. Good times! Great Blog Jo! Congrats on the Holtz win! Hope we can “play” soon!

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