12 Tags of 2016: November 

Ok, so I’ve been a silent observer for far too long and I’ve decided to give it a go and do the Tim Holtz tag monthly challenge.  I know I’m starting at the end of 2016 but better late than never. The thing really holding me back was having to create a blog to post my work on. It sounded more difficult than it actually was. If I can do it anyone can!  


My very first tag!  Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to edit the layout or the pictures here. I’m sure it’ll improve with time.  


First blog post


Love is More than Emotion

Welcome to my blog, a place where I can share my creative musings with others who have similar expressive tendencies. Being creative means experimenting with all sorts of different elements and not limiting your imagination to paper and ink. Join me on this colourful journey.